Hydraulic Workover/Snubbing

Hydraulic Workover (HWU or Snubbing) units are the most versatile workover equipment available to the upstream oil & gas industry today. A Hydraulic Workover Unit can provide an efficient solution to almost any completion or well intervention program. PSI is committed to delivering the highest possible standards for quality, health, safety and environmental protection in all operations, for all operators. To achieve this, we are continuously searching for improvements industry's best practices and standards. Our innovative design allows PSI’s Hydraulic Workover Units to operate on locations where a minimal footprint is required, while maintaining all industry standards

Applications for Snubbing:
• Completions, single and dual string
• HPHT workovers
• Live well completion repair/removal
• Through tubing fishing
• Coil Tubing & Wireline Fishing
• Tailpipe / packer installation under pressure
• Fishing under pressure
• Through tubing sand clean-out
• Casing leak repair
• Straddle pack installation under pressure
• Liner installation under pressure
• Underbalance drilling / Well deepening
• Packer / Plug milling under pressure
• Re-abandonments / Shallow plug milling
• Drilling Rig Assist / Lost circulation control
• Blow-out control and re-entry work


MAX SNUB FORCE 149,000 lbs
ROTARY 7 1/16” - 6,600 ft-lb
ACCUMULATOR 4 station – 100 gal
MUD TANK 250 bbls
PUMP MSI 900HP dual triplex
POWER PACK 500 BHP C15 Caterpillar
SLIPS 4 sets of 250K slip bowls (2 3/8” to 5.5”)
BOP’S 7 1/16” 15M Cameron type U
GEN POLE 10,000 lbs. Capacity
THRU BORE 7 1/16”
TRIP SPEED 1750 ft per hour