Products & Services

Production Solutions is a privately owned oilfield service company providing coiled tubing, thru tubing, pressure pumping and nitrogen services to oil and gas companies. With bases in Texas and Oklahoma, the company provides services on a flexible call-out basis for operators. Knowledge, teamwork and integrity are essential to service quality, and for years, Viking Coil Tubing has leveraged these principles to deliver value for our customers.

Production Solutions Systems are manufactured to the latest industry specifications, designed to fit stand-alone coiled tubing service requirements. With dedicated engineering resources in the office and field, we can can design and deliver any coiled tubing application you require.

Production Solutions began as an independent operation in 2011 when the coil tubing fleet was segregated from Viking International, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransAtlanic Petroleum (TSX: TNP & AMEX: TAT) at that time. The coil tubing, pressure pumping, nitrogen and thru tubing services have been under the same management since that time with strong engineering and technical expertise. Production Solutions' management and supervisory team have combined experience of over 50 years and continue to seek growth opportunities operationally and geographically.